"POOOOF!" 3-11-16

Hi all! Johanna Winkel here! 
Wow what a month! 
To start, my dad, my hero, wrote a passionate cover story about me in the local newspaper here that he works for. It took me aback at how much he admires me. Don't you love that? Having to take pause and marvel at how much someone loves and appreciates you? Dude... Such a pleasant surprise. 
I learned the whole story of James Taylor's early life and have discovered a newfound appreciation for him and his music... have you listened to 'Blossom' or 'The Way She Moves'? 
DO IT!! 
Those songs have been stuck in my mind, following me around like a shadow everywhere I go. 
And Valentines Day was the perfect time to pore out all my lovey dovey tunes for all the local couples here in Boulder County. 
Another FIRST for me was being asked to autograph one guys forehead and then another guys arm at one of my shows. Of course I happily obliged! :-)
I've been working like crazy on some new music. This music is particularly personal this time. A song I wanna call 'Remind Me' or 'Snapshot'.  Picture this... 
A guy introduces himself to you one day, you can tell he is interested in you, he is tall, dark, handsome and successful. Remembering of course that HE initiated it, NOT you.  So you start hanging out, he is a drummer too, and so you start gigging together as well. Spending more and more time together and growing fonder of each other, until one day... 
He freaks out, starts over thinking everything and decides to take a step back and then pull away entirely. claiming to be afraid of commitment and other things, when you never even asked him to commit in the first place!  
He breaks your heart.  
Then you slowly slip back into friendship and he finds a new girl and you have to meet her and it seems pretty serious... Ha! 
Ever happened to you? 
Now, I am NOT pining away here, seriously, I've moved on and have seen things about him that would have been positively dreadful to deal with in the long run. But he hurt my pride and ego! That is something that is hard to get over. I wanted to be the one to lead him on and then push him in the mud and leave him out to dry! 
Fine, maybe its a wee bit immature, but I know some of you can agree and relate! 
Anyways writing a song about it totally helped! We all need to do certain things to make peace with something, can I get an amen? 
Nevertheless what I am most excited for at this moment is a new project! I will be shooting a music video for my song Mystery Guy, NEXT MONTH!!  I'm working on the storyboards and am hoping it will turn out awesome. 
I plan to make it a somewhat comical music video that all can relate to!  
Just you wait, its gnat be wicked awesome!! 



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