Everybody has a passion, whether or not they are aware of it or allow it to reveal itself. 

My passion? Music, singing, performing, songwriting, basically everything that whole artsy fartsy category. 

All of my songs are centered around people, friends, family, life situations and....GUYS....who will have to remain nameless as we progress into my personal soap opera of life and these blogs.  

It started when I was little. If there was anything I felt strongly about I would sing about it, whether it was curled up under a table or dancing across an amateur auditorium stage. 

Then I discovered GUYS, and thats when the songs began to flow out of me. 

Guys can be infuriating, disappointing, scary, stimulating, exciting, fun, heart breaking, the list goes on, as i'm sure all you ladies can agree.

I was hesitant to show my gift to the world, to the big scary music executive men in suits, to be more specific. 

But I finally forced myself to and its been scary and exciting. 

I feel like I am starting to get on track but still a little uncertain. 

You know that feeling when you are climbing up the ladder to the high dive at the pool and you are holding your breathe the whole way up because you are scared of this new confidence you have while also debating bailing and climbing back down to safe ground or what you might find at the top? If you will make a mistake, get let down in utter disappointment or achieve your greatest desires and get a taste of the kind of success you dream of?  

Well that's where I am at. And it helps to know that I am not alone, none of us are. 

I can't wait to see what happens next! 

It's important to always believe in yourself and remember that life is a journey, not a destination. 



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